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Universities galore! English for Post-Secondary Education; A popular choice for KGIC Halifax students

EPE (English for Post-Secondary Education) Program is the official Pathway Program at KGIC. Students who successfully graduate from the program go to our partnership universities – most without any official English test score. Today, we would like to introduce Scotti (Seung Hyeon HWANG from Korea) who is taking the EPE program at KGIC Halifax. He is planning to go to Saint Mary’s University in Halifax upon completion of the program.

Student Name : Scotti (Seung Hyeon HWANG)

Start date : February 4th 2013

End date : August 30th 2013

Program :  ESL (6 Weeks), IEPE (8 Weeks), EPE (12 Weeks)

Why did you decide to come to Halifax/KGIC?

I did a research by myself when I decided to study abroad. I wanted to go somewhere there were less Korean students. Then, I found Halifax. Compared to other cities, there are less Korean students so I thought it was a good place to study English. When I talked to my agent, he recommended KGIC and I decided to study at KGIC Halifax.

When did you decide to take EPE?

I decided to take EPE while I was taking IEPE (Intermediate English for Post-Secondary Education). The reason is that I started to think about going to University in Halifax when I was in IEPE. Taking IEPE was out of my curiosity but the IEPE teacher was really interesting and funny and the class made me want to study more in Halifax.

*IEPE (Intermediate English for Post-Secondary Education) is a preparation course for EPE program. It is an eight-week program and students usually take IEPE before taking EPE program.

What do you like about EPE program?

I like my teacher and her way of teaching. I think she is a great teacher and she taught me a lot how to write an essay and give a presentation. The class size is good too. It is small so I can get more attention from the teacher.

What is the most difficult part in EPE?

I think writing essays is difficult. I hated writing. When I started to take EPE, it was really hard for me to write an essay and have to think a lot, and it took a while to finish writing an essay, but after one month, I feel that I can write an essay more freely so I think it is getting better.

Do you think this class is helping you prepare for university?

I don’t know well what University classes are like yet but I think this class is definitely helpful. In this class, we do a lot of writing and reading so it is good for us but I think listening is important too. We have to listen to lectures and take notes in University.

What advice will you give to students who are thinking about taking EPE Program?

Study hard!!! I also recommend taking PMM before IEPE and EPE.


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