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My KGIC Story: Yuri, from Japan

Yuri Yamanaka-Hiking BC

I took a 24 weeks course of KGIC and spend whole weeks in Vancouver Campus. KGIC has many of special programs and I took IEPE, EPE and BE. Those courses were not always easy, some of them were very challenging. However, it was very nice experience for me and strongly believe that I improved my writing and reading skills which I hated and never tried before coming to Vancouver. Moreover, KGIC counselors and teachers are very kind and their warm support led me to go to University in Vancouver. I didn’t plan to go to University in Canada and I had no idea what to do for it, however, KGIC special programs gave me the academic English skills which I never learned in Japan and the teachers and counselors helped me each steps. Furthermore, KGIC has many attractive activities and activity coordinator is also very kind and helped me a lot. I made many good friends through KGIC, and really enjoyed these 24 weeks in Vancouver!

Yuri Yamanaka – Japan