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My KGIC Story: Seiya, from Japan

My KGIC story, I’m Seiya from Japan. I am 21-years-old. When I entered university, my goal is to go abroad to study English. I also had an interest in taking some TESOL courses so I decided to go to Canada and study at KGIC.

Before taking the TESOL course, I took an ESL course that had several levels in each subject. At the beginning, I couldn’t understand what the teachers were saying. I think I might have been nervous but every teacher and friend encouraged me to study English so I was able to integrate into living in Canada much easier than expected. I also took the PMM course prior to taking the TESOL course. The PMM course provided me many opportunities to speak up and  to fix my pronunciation. By the time I started the TESOL course I can still remember how I felt. Finally I can start to chase my goal. The TESOL course was really helpful in improving my English and teaching skills as well.

After this course, I transferred to the Toronto campus because I wanted to experience the biggest city in Canada and try something new. While staying in Toronto, I went to Niagara falls, visited Cuba, and travelled to some famous place. In total I stayed in Toronto for 3 months but I felt like I gathered tons of memories and motivation through this experience.

After the program ended. I went back to Vancouver to take the other TESOL Course. After taking several courses of TESOL, I got my diploma and certificate. I think the most important thing that I noticed while studying is English is fun and it gives me an opportunity for a better life. I’m so grateful that everyone I met had a great talent.

Thanks KGIC good luck.

Seiya Tsutsumi – Japan