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My KGIC Story: Marieldy Garcia Salinas, from Mexico


Each person has different goals in life, for some of us is to come to Toronto to learn English and this becomes a challenge. The first day I missed my Country but my will and craving to learn made me stay. Today I am completely grateful with my teachers, for their patience and dedication, not only in their teaching but also on their effort to make you feel part of the group. From this challenge I will treasure beautiful memories, the pleasure of meeting people from different countries, learning about their cultures and making friends that no matter what and how many miles away we will be apart someday, they will always be in my heart.

No doubt that choosing Toronto was the best decision I’ve ever made because of its safety and for how welcoming their people are with foreigners, making you feel home, and the most important thing, the amazing ability that you develop learning a new language at KGIC.

Marieldy Garcia Salinas – MEXICO