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My KGIC Story: Joo Ri Moon, from Korea

Joo Ri Moon

We live in a globalized world. This means we should pick up a new language to understand the world so I decided to go to Vancouver and study English at KGIC. At first, I attended  ESL courses where I learned English with some nice teachers. After that I took a FCE(First Certificate in English) course. I was taught writing, reading, speaking, and listening by my FCE teacher. The FCE course is what I wanted to learn!  The FCE teacher teaches us English very well. Even though sometimes the material is difficult I can understand because the teacher is very professional that’s why I felt that I had made the right decision attending the FCE course. I would like to say “my English is improving everyday!”

On the other hand, I’m living in KGIC’s dormitory, it is awesome that I can live with some foreign friends and practice English. Also, when I get lonely, they always make me fun so, I don’t feel that I‘m left alone. I’m really appreciated that I’m a student at KGIC. Therefore, I suggest you go to KGIC!

Joo Ri Moon – Korea