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My KGIC Story: Ivonne, from Mexico

Ivonne Narvaez

KGIC has changed my life in different ways, when I first arrived I felt scared because everything was new but now I feel like if they were my family. Right now I’m far from my family and friends, the people that I see everyday are my teachers and my new friends, which have made me feel like my family back home. KGIC provides a good ambiance for international students, the curriculums are good and the classes are really enjoyable. What I like the most about my school is that we have different levels on each subject, and that you can develop your skills faster. In addition the school always tries to organize different activities with the students and they are always trying to help us with our daily problems. The school organizes activities in order to get involve with their students and all of the teachers are always trying to get to know the students. If I had the option I would choose again KGIC, because living here was the best experience and because KGIC is an excellent school.


Ivonne  Narvaez – Mexico 

Studied at KGIC Toronto Student