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My KGIC Story: Daniela, from Bolivia

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New Picture (4)Hi, I’m Daniela Canelas , from Bolivia. First of all, I decided to come to Canada to improve my English skills (especially my listening and speaking skills), and I could say that I improved them a lot. I chose Canada because it is a safe and affordable place to live. I would like to talk a little bit about my experience at KGIC during the 3 months I’ve spent here.
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At the beginning, I enrolled in the ESL program at Vancouver Campus. I can say that it has been an amazing experience because KGIC has a high standard of teaching. Classes are taught not only with books; teachers use their own experience to help you learn, and they also become your friends. The classes are separated according to different subjects, like grammar, listening, reading / writing, and speaking. If you are good at grammar and not too good at listening, don’t worry: they will put you in the most appropriate class in order to improve your weakest skill. After that, I decided to change to the IELTS program because I needed a good IELTS score to apply for a Master’s Degree program. In the IELTS program, they prepared me a lot for the exam and I could say that KGIC has helped me to achieve my goal. Their teachers are so experienced, and professional, they helped me clear all the doubts that I had and they taught me in an academically intense but entertaining way. In fact, you will learn inside and outside of the classrooms. It may be hard at the beginning, but with the help of the all KGIC staff, it will become easier.

New Picture (11)Additionally, you will have unforgettable moments because students from across the world will be studying with you. You can make new friends, have new experience, you will create new memories and friendships, and you will learn more about different cultures as well.

The extra-activities are amazing, too; you will have the opportunity to know more about the city. There are many extra activities, and the activity coordinators are amazing. I signed up for many activities such as visiting the city, travelling, or just going out to have fun. This kind of experience will be in my heart forever. What is more, every time you join a school activity, you will be surprised because you can enjoy and learn at the same time.

If you are thinking about learning or improving your English, KGIC is the perfect place for it. I strongly recommend this English school. They will provide everything that you need and with their help, you can achieve your goal, just like I did.
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Daniela Canelas

– Bolivia