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My KGIC Story: Aronne, from Philippine

Above is a picture of me and my classmates the night before I left.

I found my stay at KGIC to be fun and educational. I enjoyed the activities that I joined at school. There were two things I learned from my PMM class: confidence and the importance of intonation. I wasn’t confident meeting new people and speaking in front of them and my voice was somewhat monotonous. Thus, when I took the PMM class, I gained more confidence through the role playing activities and presentations. I had also learned to use intonation so that I can convey more than just words when I speak.

I would recommend KGIC to my friends, especially those who need to boost their English speaking skills and/or their confidence.  It would also be a good opportunity for them to meet new people and make some great new friends, like I have. For me, KGIC means a place to grow, either with regards to English, confidence, or experience.

Aronne Dominic JIZ RO – Philippine