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My experiences and goals at KGIC: Natsuki Tanaka, from Japan


After I started to study at KGIC, three months passed. I made a lot of friends from all over the world. I am learning not only English but also different cultures through the classes and conversations with my friends. To learn different cultures is very interesting. Especially thanks to teachers, I really enjoy all of my classes. They gave me appropriate supports and motivation to work harder. Fortunately I got 2-month scholarship in July. As a result, I can stay at KGIC until the end of January. I am sure I will make the most of it. These are my precious experiences at KGIC.

By the time I graduate from KGIC, I want to improve all of my English skills. I would like to challenge level 5 in every class. This is one of my goals at KGIC. The other goal is to get knowledge of business English. Before I came to Canada, I worked for an insurance company in Japan. However, I wanted to change my career. After I go back to Japan, I want to get a job where I can use my English skills. Therefore, I decided to attend Business English program in October. I will keep on working hard to achieve my goals.

Natsuki Tanaka – Japan