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My KGIC story:Yong Hwi Lee, from Korea

Yong Hwi Lee

When I was in Korea, I was working as a computer engineer. Before I started working, I thought English wasn’t important in my life. Actually I had studied English only because Korean companies usually require a score of English test like TOEIC or OPIC. So, my English skill was only for the test. However after I started working, I realized that English could give more chances in my life. After that, I wanted to go abroad for learning English and I decided to go to Canada. Finally, I came to Canada in March 28, 2015, and I started to learn English in KGIC/KGIBC Toronto. I’ve experienced a lot of new things because it was my first time to live abroad. I’ve learned about different cultures as well as English. At KGIC, I chose to take PMM class because this course is focused on speaking. I learned how to speak English in public and this class gave me a confidence for speaking English. After finishing PMM, I took ESL course with awesome teachers and class mates for learning English in a friendlier environment. Currently I’m taking BE class where I learn basic business concepts in English. Leaving hometown and living abroad made my thoughts wider. Sometimes I miss my country and family, but I’ve never regretted to come to Canada.

Yong Hwi Lee – Korea