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KGIC Surrey Family Program Interview

wp Interview Date: Nov 14, 2016
Campus KGIC: Surrey Campus
Student Name:
I.I. (Mother) & Y.I.(Son)
Duration: 07/11/16~07/22/16 – 2weeks
Program: Family Program



What Brought You Canada?
We came to Vancouver this February so that my son could study here. We plan to stay here for about a year and a half. Canadians speak English naturally and are friendly. There are many Asian immigrants here as well, so I found food and restaurants here to suit the Japanese palate. We also found Vancouver the best place for us since we love nature and outdoor activities.
Why Did You Choose KGIC?
Canadian schools have about 2 and a half months off for summer vacation, but we still needed to study English during that time because we were to spend only a total of 6 months here. I was looking for an ESL school where my son and I could go to the same campus during the summer vacation. Then I found KGIC. To study English for a short term, a lot of parents and children come to KGIC from South America, Korea, Taiwan, and many other places as well! All the teachers and staff at KGIC are friendly, which creates an atmosphere where students can relax and be friendly no matter what nationality they are.
After Spending Time at the Same Campus with Yudai, What Do You Think Is Good about Family Program?
IMG_5352The best point is that we can go to the same campus at the same time. It was possible to spend lunch time together, but my son started hanging out with friends on the third day…
I was also able to go look quietly into his class during my break and see him communicating with friends.
In addition, I did not need to worry about anything since it was easy to ask his teacher, at any time, how he was doing in class or ask about the topic of the day.
Any Advice for Those Who Plan to Take Family Program in the Future?
There are not many opportunities to go to school together with your children. I think we can only do something like that when they are in elementary school. It’s amazing that I, myself, am having fun while seeing my son grow up. My stay here has allowed me to experience school days once again. I feel nostalgic about my own school years – a time I had almost forgotten.