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Extra class one on one tutorial


Extra Class Tutorial is 20 min one-on-one tutoring system that student can sign up weekly bases. During the tutorial, students can ask a teacher any questions came up in the classes, in their daily lives or in the conversation with native English speaker. 20 minutes might sound too short but if we prepare questions beforehand, 20 min could be enough time to go over all the questions with the teacher. You can bring any types of questions. The various topic can we covered in the tutorial and it is totally up to the student. Of course, I could ask questions related to everyday classes. But I also could learn how to write resume or how to book tables at restaurants. I sometimes asked the meaning of phrase that I heard on the street and teacher helped me to understand the meaning by giving me a lot of examples.

Raising questions in a group might be difficult if these questions are unrelated to the topic they are discussing about. However one on one tutorial allowed me to study with my pace and ask whatever question I feel like. This tutoring system gives a great opportunity for students not only to learn English but also to ask questions about life in Canada that you may hesitated to ask. I highly recommend for you to take this Tutorial class. It will help you. – Ai