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Build a tower, build a team…


There are many important skills that we are told to attain in order to be successful in life and in our future careers. We need to be friendly, we should be kind, we should have knowledge of some type, we should learn to be a leader or be a follower – but what is one of the most important skills that we should all gain? Teamwork! Teamwork is essential in your career, in your life, with your friends and with your family. Teamwork will help you create, help you learn and help you understand.

At KGIC we teach English. We help our students maneuver their way through complex grammar rules, learn the importance of intonation and master the art of writing an essay. But the common thread that pulls all aspects of KGIC together is teamwork. Our teachers work together to ensure students have the best possible learning experience, our students work together to increase their English abilities and their cultural understanding of the world around them, and our entire staff work together to make each student’s experience as memorable and successful as possible.

Last Thursday everyone at KGIC came together to participate in an exercise about teamwork. Students worked in groups and were told to “build a tower.” They were given a few materials to work with (spaghetti noodles, tape, a marshmallow & each other), a time limit, and an objective: build the tallest tower you can, but the marshmallow must be at the top.

KGICHalifax_BuildaTower KGICVancouver_BuildaTower

At first this seems silly. Why would adults participate in an exercise the sounds like it belongs in a children’s classroom? But this childish exercise is used around the world to teach adults, executives and professionals the importance of teamwork. In the end most participants discovered that communication, listening, sharing and participation are essentials parts of a team.

We would like to congratulate our KGIC Toronto Campus for building the tallest tower. This group of students came together and utilized their collective knowledge and abilities to build a tower and build a team!

KGICToronto_BuildaTower KGICVictoria_BuildaTower

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